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My China Joy, where are you?

My daughter is alive. She is not of my womb. She is in China. She will be born off a plane from paperwork, official stamps and travels instead of my womb. I will never feel her kick or push her little heel on my belly. There will never be morning sickness or aversions to popcorn. Yet still, I feel her. I sense her. She is somewhere right now. I cannot hold her and rock her to sleep. I cannot sing to her a lullaby. I cannot hold her close as I feed her nor can I whisper in her ear “I love you”. Continue reading

Lots of changes!

The last 5 months have been filled with so many emotions and changes in our lives! We felt it would be time we update you on them. In September 2015 we began our journey with a new adoption agency. This means everything had to begin from scratch. A bit of a heartbreak for me, ok, a lot! I cried. This also meant that the large stacks of paperwork had to be updated or totally re-done and sent in to CCAI – our new adoption agency. And this isn’t even the big news! In the middle of our international adoption, we made an international move! Yes. On December 17, 2015 we moved from Germany back home Continue reading